Substance Abuse Treatment To Match Your Needs

Our therapists all have a Master’s Level, or higher, education that is specialized in addiction counseling and co-occurring disorders.

Individualized Treatment

Wherever you are in the struggle of addiction, you can overcome this with the right help.

Group & Individual Therapy

What you need to get through addiction recovery is a treatment program that will not only bend to your needs and situation, but one that is based on a structure that has worked for others before you.

Strength & Yoga Therapy

Moreover, you need to get addiction treatment from people who will truly care about you, people who will show you compassion and empathy like you haven't seen it before.

Addiction Treatment

Mental illness and addiction therapy

The first thing you need to do, before you can come to our addiction treatment center for treatment, is admit to yourself and your family that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own. When you come to terms with your condition as a chronic brain disease, you will be able to go through detox in our drug detox clinic.

We need to watch over your progress while you go through these symptoms to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. While your body expels these toxins, we will ensure you are safe and comfortable, and that your detox is as efficient as possible.

When you first come to individual therapy with a personal counselor, you will create a customized and comprehensive addiction recovery program that will be designed around your needs and situation. It will also include screening for dual diagnosis mental health treatment. You will receive advice in private from a specialist, and work on becoming comfortable with sharing these struggles in a group setting.

When you come to group sessions, you will work with your peers to exchange insightful advice, share your adversities, and show each other support. You will work through your problems and experience empathy and compassion that comes from a truly genuine place. The motivation and inspiration will help you stay in treatment and work towards a better future.

Heston Recovery Guarantee
Finally, when you go to leave our substance abuse treatment facility, you will leave with your personalized addiction treatment program as well as the love and support from everyone you've met.
When you come to our drug rehab centers, you will not have to struggle alone waiting for someone to help you.
Risk Free
You will have the help, support, acceptance, guidance, and love you need to beat this debilitating disease and move on to a better life.

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